In the UK we throw out almost a million tonnes of textiles every year – that’s almost a third of all our clothing. We’re teaming up with Marks & Spencer and Oxfam to help 50 organisations across the UK make it easy for their employees to extend the life of their clothes through Shwop at Work.

What is Shwop at Work

Shwop at Work is a simple, easy to run campaign for your workplace where employees are asked to gift their unwanted clothing to Oxfam through a Shwop at Work drop box. All of the clothing gifted will be resold, reused or recycled by Oxfam enabling them to raise money to provide essential support around the world.

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our own Shwop event at Hubbub HQ in Somerset House.


How it works in 4 easy steps

  1. REGISTER & SET UP: After registering we’ll provide you with a kit complete with everything you need from a ‘Shwop Drop’ collection box to posters for engaging your colleagues. It’s easy to set up. Pick a 3-5 day period to run the campaign, communicate the initiative to your employees and you’re away!
  2. SHWOP: Employees gift their unwanted clothing and as a thank you, each will receive a £5 Marks & Spencer voucher redeemable when spending over £35 on clothing, home and gifts.
  3. GIFT TO OXFAM: drop clothing to your local Oxfam store or if you collect over 10 Shwop bags, they will collect from you.
  4. CELEBRATE: Oxfam will send you a summary of the impact your shwop has made. All clothing gifted will help raise vital funds for Oxfam's work around the world. Oxfam work in more than 90 countries to tackle poverty and respond to emergencies such as the earthquake in Nepal, the conflict in Yemen and the Syria crisis.

Hubbub is no longer working on this campaign. If you're interested in running a shwop at work event please visit the M&S website.