18,000 tonnes of pumpkin to landfill? No thanks, let's make a pie!

On average we waste 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkins at Halloween, that’s the same as 1,500 double decker buses going to landfill. Halloween might be a time for scares, but we found this needless waste a little too scary. Around Halloween 2 in 5 of us will buy a pumpkin, carve it and discard it after the candle we place in their belly causes their grin to sag and the bin to beckon. This is no way to treat our gourd-ous friends, the pumpkins. 

That's why we created the #PumpkinRescue, a celebration of food; one which calls for cooking and composting of our favourite spooky staple.

The #PumpkinRescue creatively encourages people to think about the food they throw away by challenging preconceptions, teaching new skills and having some fun along the way. 
Join us in squashing food waste - host a #PumpkinRescue in your local area

5 Reasons to run a Pumpkin Rescue

How to run a Pumpkin Rescue

The movement so far: 

It all started with the Oxford Pumpkin Festival in 2014. Collaborating with the brilliant Good Food Oxford and many other local groups, 23 events, including everything from workshops for kids to interactive immersive theatre, took the lovely people of Oxford on a journey through the food supply chain. 

In 2015 our "How To Guide" inspired 20 #PumpkinRescue festivals across the UK (+ plus one in the States!). Throughout October people could choose from cooking classes, pumpkin themed pop-up supper clubs, pumpkin drop-offs and composting sessions, or browse through our collection of Pumpkin Recipes

Our guide to growing a pumpkin

In London we partnered with North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to host the North London #PumpkinRescue. The festival brought together 1681 attendees at 28 pumpkin-themed events, run by 22 North London organisations.

The outcome of the festival was fantastic, with 21 tonnes of food directly diverted from landfill and more than 3565 pumpkins rescued from landfill. The festival was covered in 24 print and broadcast London outlets with a circulation of 1.7 million. Interest on Social Media was equally brilliant with a total reach of 2.8 million. 

Relive the North London #PumpkinRescue, watch our video: 

Join us in squashing food waste in 2016 - host a #PumpkinRescue in your local area. Find out more - drop us an email.

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