India is Hubbub’s in-house designer, having developed experience in many facets of the design industry, from television and film to graphics and interiors. She has studied both Fashion Design, and Product and Furniture Design. It was during her studies that she decided to focus on tackling the practical issues facing social and sustainable design initiatives through exploratory research projects.

India’s approach to design emphasises the importance of collaboration between the designer and end consumer to devise the most culturally relevant and environmentally sensitive solution to any particular project. Through her design, India aims to achieve longevity by providing the tools and knowledge to sustain the success of a project over a prolonged period.

Recent projects have included a response to the British flooding crisis we experienced in 2014, in the form of an inflatable, waterproof bag engineered to facilitate safer evacuation as well as an interactive birdhouse aimed at combatting boredom in care homes.