We think it’s crazy that some people in the UK have to choose between heating and eating, and a national scandal that 26,000 people die a year because they can’t afford to heat their homes. That's why we launched Fuelling Connections, an on-line community that hub pulls together local support, advice and information on saving money in the home, with the key focus on reducing the cost of energy. 

It builds on our '‘Mapping the Reality’ 2014 research, and outcomes of a local roundtable event with Caroline Flint MP which gathered input from local services in the Don Valley area. The research and roundtable events identified the need for:

  1. Broader communications. People struggling to hear their homes don’t identify themselves as being in ‘fuel poverty’, or see problems as being solely related to energy, but rather as part of a wider set of issues. Support and advice communicated to householders needs to reflect this.
  2. More collaboration and consistent and cohesive advice and support for householders, helping to build long term trust.
  3. An easy way to share best practice across communities and householders.
  4. A way for people to make an easy first step towards seeking support.
  5. A way to break down barriers and stigma associated with the issue.

Fuelling Connections is being trialled through Facebook in three locations; Doncaster, Poplar & Limehouse and Truro & Falmouth. Each group is led by a local co-ordinator with a strong link to householders and existing services in the area. The project also has the support of the three local MP's; Caroline Flint MP, Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Sarah Newton MP.

As the project develops we will share the learnings and hope to create a replicable model that can be given away to other communities across the UK.

Join Your Local Page! 

The three current Fuelling Connections pages are run by committed local coordinators and are connecting hundreds of people to services as well as offering money saving advice to help people reduce their fuel bills.


Collaborate with us

If you provide advice and support to householders struggling to hear their homes, or would like to find out more, get in touch. We're always on the hunt for people who can collaborate with us so we can build on existing networks in the three areas, but also nationally. Get in touch at hello[@]hubbub.org.uk.


Hubbub would like to thank OVO Energy, Barts NHS Trust, People's Postcode Trust and Awards for All for their support to the three pilot projects.

Top Tips 

The brilliant members of Fuelling Connections have been sharing their top tips for reducing fuel bills and saving money in the home, here are some of our favourites!

Top tips for keeping warm and reducing bills

  1. Use a smart meter to track how much energy you are using.
  2. Swap your energy provider! You could save around £180 a year just by switching. Also look out for suppliers who don’t charge you for going into your emergency.
  3. Put double sided sticky tape on your windows to act like double glazing and keep draughts out.
  4. Keep a torch with batteries in the house in case you can’t afford to put bulbs on –it’s much safer than candles.
  5. When you’ve finished cooking open your oven door and let the spare heat warm up your kitchen.

The more we do, the more we learn.
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