Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world, worth an incredible £26 billion to the UK economy alone. The number of clothes we buy has doubled in the last 10 years with a typical UK household now home to around £4,000 worth of clothes, yet almost a third won’t have been worn in the last year.

The rise of fast fashion has led to more and more impulse buys to add to our ever more bloated wardrobes. The sector has boomed and profits have grown massively, as has the amount of textiles ending up in the bin. But this way of doing business just doesn’t measure up. Events like the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 have shown us that we need to find new ways of working and has been a catalyst for people becoming more curious about the industry and its credentials.

The Fashion Future Network is an online forum that opens up these conversations to people passionate about fashion and curious about its future. It explores all aspects of fashion, from design to culture and technology to policy, and brings together industry experts from around the world to share their knowledge, spark new ideas and inspire change.

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You can join the Fashion Future Network on LinkedIn. Blogs, interviews and articles are shared around monthly themes, starting with fashion takeback schemes. If one of them sparks a thought or idea, share it by commenting on the post and join the conversation.

At the end of every month there will be a round up of the latest stories and debates from around the world. There will also be information on events and campaigns you can get involved in to take things further.

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The network is a great platform to publish your stories, opinions and ideas to like-minded people and challenge the status quo. We’re always looking for new contributors, so if you’d like to publish a blog or an editorial piece on the network, get in touch.

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