Last year we trialled Neat Streets in London, to test whether playful design can tackle the copious amounts of litter found on London's second busiest street. In six months the campaign reduced littering by a whopping 26%, but will a similar approach work elsewhere? To find out we've since launced similar campaigns in Manchester and Edinburgh, and are now hitting the streets of Birmingham.

Every year it costs Birmingham City Council over £1 million to deal with litter, fly-tipping and street cleansing in the city centre. Some of the biggest issues are cigarette litter, chewing gum, flyers and fast food. 

1 in 10 people in Birmingham think dropping a cigarette on the floor doesnt count as littering.

Between June - October 2016, we'll be linking up with the local council and businesses to build on #CleanerBrum by targetting littering during this years European Championships games.

What's going on

#CleanerBrum will be testing a range of creative innovations to tackle littering. Keep an eye out around New Street and Broad Street for the famous Ballot Bin, the My Street is Your Street poster gallery and much more to come.


What can I do?

Be a hero. If you litter on the ground, like a newspaper or plastic bottle, put it in a nearby bin. If someone sees you doing it, they may think twice too! 

With thanks to

Our funders; McDonalds, Veolia, INCPEN, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Costa, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, INCPEN, Plastics Europe and the Packaging Federation.