They say that anything goes in your salad days, and that's how it is with salads - small portions of leftovers that fail to make much of a meal alone can really excite a salad, and give us a chance to experiment in the kitchen.

Sadly, salad items also often find themselves in a cool pool of mush at the bottom of the fridge. Sound familiar?

Even those of us who like to think we don’t waste food will admit to throwing away salad from time to time. This adds up to an eye-watering 1.2 million tonnes of avoidable fruit, vegetable, and salad waste from UK homes every year, worth £2.6 billion (WRAP)

What's on:

Alongside Love Food Hate Waste and Marks & Spencer, we've rustled up some tricks and recipes to help you celebrate your salad days and make the most of what you've got this summer.

1) Host a Little Lunch

In the long days of summer, we’re never short of excuses for a party. But this might just be the most meaningful party you ever host. Throughout August we'll be helping people host their own 'Little Lunch' dinner party with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. A Little Lunch is a fun and sociable way to share good food, recipes, save money and win prizes

2) Join us for Salad Days in Manchester

Saturday 22nd August, 11 am - 4 pm 
St Ann's Square

We’ve joined forces with Marks & Spencer to take part in Love Food Hate Waste’s Manchester campaign. You'll find us all by the silver trailer van doing cookery sessions and dishing out free food (Eton mess, wholesome salads, anything but rabbit food essentially). We'll be hosting competitions, a human-powered smoothie bike and plenty of stuff for the kids. Join us!

Lett-uce give lettuce a new life! There'll be a prize for the best salad pun on the day, because you can do better than that right? Hungry for more? Sounds like you're ready for a Little Lunch...

3) Try our favourite food waste fighting summer recipes


What ever the season, we want to help you make the most of your groceries:

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