Making an event of Lent

Lent is the time to give something up, so why not give up food waste? When the average UK family wastes £60 a month throwing away food and drink that could have been
eaten, those 40 days without food waste could save a few quid too. But this kind of abstinence doesn’t have to be dull and drab. 

At the start of Lent we heralded the humble pancake, it seems every cuisine has its own version and with good reason - they’re so flippin’ versatile and are the perfect vehicle for transforming those lingering leftovers. So tuck in!

Right up until Easter we offered delicious recipes from our favourite chefs that use up the most commonly wasted foods such as breadpotatoes and more. We also shared top tips on making the most o' yer groceries and on bread saving

Thanks to those who joined us in flicking two fork prongs up at food waste and telling it to Flip Off!

On the 22nd February, on George Street in Richmond, we were Flippin’ Food Waste with a local chef pancake cook-off. Alongside South West London Environment Network and with funding from West London Waste Authority, we hosted a carousel of local chefs such as Richmond residents Petersham Nurseries, Chez Lindsay, Plan Zheroes, Les Deux Amies and Food Cycle. Alongside our Food Waste Confessions Booth there was a Food Surplus Sumptuous Cake Stall, with proceeds going to Richmond Food Bank.

Thanks again to all involved. With special thanks to our funders.


Booking for this event has now closed.