Get to know your shelf, use up your leftovers.

Each year UK households throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink, more than half of which could have been eaten! Busy lives get in the way, making it easy to forget what leftovers we have on our fridge and cupboard shelves.

That’s why, in partnership with Tesco and Love Food Hate Waste, we launched the #ExpressYourShelf Campaign in October 2015. We asked people to 'Get to know your shelf' and to try our tasty recipes to turn odds and ends into delicious meals. 

The #ExpressYourShelf Food Fighter Challenge!

As part of the #ExpressYourShelf campaign we recruited 9 bloggers from Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool to take on our Food Fighter Challenge of living food waste free for a week. Explore their blogs for inspiration on how to reduce food waste:

The Waste Not Robot

The Waste Not Robot toured Tesco Store's around the UK offering shelf help such as storage advice, top tips on planning your meals, and tasty leftover recipes.


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