Make a list, check it twice

FACT: 1/3 of all the food we buy ends up being thrown away because it gets lost in the Narnia - that is, the back of the shelf! 

TIP: Get in the festive freeze spirit by making a list of what food you’ve got in your kitchen. This will help you remember what you need next time you pop to the shops. Most can be frozen right up to the ‘use by’date, so if you find something you forgot about - get freezing.

The need to freeze food on the day you buy it is just a myth. Most things are easily frozen, bar strong liquor. There are a few others to avoid: fine vegetables practically disintegrate, whilst frozen creams are prone to curdle whilst thawing. Freezing canned foods, fizzy drinks and eggs in their shells is a no and coffee has a tendency to absorb freezer smells as its oils break down in the process. As for the rest? Full freeze ahead!

You can even freeze your cheese. In fact, freezing cheese is a brie-lliant way to keep your cheese feeling grate for longer.

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