Swish upon a star

FACT: Each year we throw away 1 million tonnes of textiles and clothing. On average each piece of clothing is worn 7 times, but around this time of year it’s common to get a new outfit for a Christmas party that you may only wear once.

TIP: Rather than buying something new for your festive do, try a clothes swish with your friends and swap something old for something new to you.

You could even go beyond just clothes. Sift through your cupboards and discover other things that could get more love in a different home. From games to gadgets, DVDs to jewellery, swap them with your friends! Swishing is not only a great way to revamp your wardrobe and have a ball it’s also great for saving money and getting the most value from your things.

Did you know there's even a handy app that lets you swap food so nothing goes to waste - check out LeftoverSwap.

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