Plan ahead

FACT: The average Christmas dinner takes 295 days to grow before it’s ready for the festive feast. Yet it takes just over half an hour to gobble down.

TIP: Plan ahead and create a shopping list to make sure you only buy and cook what you need, saving you money and food!

Make a list of what you need before you do your food shop, this will help you stick to what you need rather than getting carried away with deals and duplications which can be easy to do. Only cook what you need, and combine any leftovers in a tasty bubble and squeak.

You could even go a step further and think about the packaging on the food you buy. Cutting down packaging can be straight forward - an easy place to start is with your fruit and vegetables which you can often buy loose.

Here's a great clip from Love Food Hate Waste to give you some more ideas on planning ahead:

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